Find the most spectacular Spoon for tea or coffee, in our wide gallery of products.

To begin the day with power and good vibes, there is nothing far better than having a good coffee. But to acquire this delicious drink, you have to do it making use of the correct accessories.
An additional exquisite and relaxing alternative is obtained by using a Tea infuser, with a wide range of varied models inside the company One Lovely Sip; we’ve the all the accessories, cups and removers that you will not find anyplace else.

This Costa Rican company with little time within the industry, has created a new style for coffee or tea, with actually innovative coffee mug models, Spoon styles that adapt to any occasion and a new Tea infuser style, that will make you enjoy the encounter of creating tea.
In spite of being very recent the opening of the company 1 Lovely Sip, has grow to be a leader within the industry of these seeking to possess not just a refreshing drink, but to possess a mug with surprising and captivating drawings.

The series of goods they manufacture has different shapes, prices and colors, aimed at all varieties of public. These designs have triggered a sensation in several nations, including France, New Zealand, Spain, Canada, Belgium, the United states, Australia as well as the Netherlands.
So the special style that distinguishes 1 Lovely Sip has crossed borders and has had a great acceptance amongst fans of this kind of drinks. The amount of satisfied clients with the creativity in the pieces is escalating.

An additional important aspect will be the value range, which is maintained at an accessible level for all those who wish to have quality components and with unsurpassed resistance. We provide cups with unique features, like lids or compartments for putting cookies.
If you’d like the moment to have coffee or tea unique, visit and evaluation the gallery of products for children and adults, with stories in the most interesting television series and famous movies.

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